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SCSN TEXAS "The Grudge Edition" // JUNE 18-19, 2021


LAS VEGAS // Nov 18-21, 2021

ST. LOUIS // July 9-10, 2021


class rules / LAS VEGAS VP Racing Fuels Super Index
CLASS DESCRIPTION: VP RACING FUELS Super Index is based on an 9.60, 8.60 & 7.60 Index (all runs made faster than your chosen index will be disqualified) unless the run is made in eliminations and both cars break out, then the closest car to your index will be declared the round winner and advance to the next round. In elimination's, if a 9.60 car is paired up with a 8.60 car, the 9.60 will get a 1- second head start. All NHRA legal Door Cars & Alters (Up to 125" Wheel Base) are welcome to try out this exciting class. QUALIFYING: All VP RACING FUELS Super Index cars will receive 4 qualifying runs (Time permitting).. #1 Qualifier will be determined by the closest run to the chosen index without going quicker. Example: John Smith runs 8.602 on his 8.60 Index and Lucy Martin runs 7.603 on her 7.60 Index, John Smith would be the higher qualifier since he's closer to his chosen Index......In the event of 2 or more cars running the same qualified ET, the driver who posts the time first will be awarded with the qualified spot. If you run quicker than the your Index on all 4 runs, you will be placed at the bottom of the ladder for eliminations. RACE FORMAT: SCSN events are 4 days, Thursday & Friday are optional but recommended and will feature Qualifying Passes (1-Thurs & 2-Friday) On Saturday, you will get 1 Final Qualifying Pass followed by 1st-round of eliminations... Eliminations times will be posted at the SCSN Event Trailer. RULES & REGULATIONS: VP RACING FUELS Super Index uses a " 4/10ths Pro Tree" start system and will utilize a Sportsman ladder for pairings. Any "door slammer-type" vehicle is permitted. Any modifications, any tires, any vehicle weight, or power adders are permitted. Trans-brakes and 2-3 step Rev-Limiters are permitted. Delay boxes, Throttle-stop, crossover boxes, or any "reactiontime related" electronic aides (See Electronics Policies Below) are strictly prohibited. If your car has any of these "Bracket Race Aides" Please check out our Electronics Bracket Class ELECTRONIC POLICIES: The Following Devices are Illegal: (And Have To Be Completely Removed From Car) *Electronic / Pneumatic / or any Remotely Activated Throttle Stops *Optical Sensors / Stutter Boxes *Delay Boxes / Cross-Over Boxes *Any and All After-Market "Traction Control Devices" If your car came from factory with it, its legal THE FOLLOWING DEVICES ARE LEGAL: * 2 & 3 Step Rev-Limiters *Trans-Brakes *Electric / Hydraulic Pneumatic Clutch Release Devices *MSD-7 and/or any other Ignition Box that contains Programmable Timing Functions LANE CHOICE: During 1st round of elimination's the higher qualified car will have lane choice... In the 2nd round and beyond, the driver that is closest to his/her index without going quicker will be awarded lane choice. If both drivers go under their index's, the driver that is closer to his/her index will be awarded lane choice for that round. CLASS SPONSOR DECAL: "VP Racing Fuels" decal must be installed on base of windshield on the passenger side. (Bottom left-hand side when looking at front of vehicle windshield) CLASS PRESENTED BY SPONSOR DECAL: "FuelTech" decal must be installed on base of windshield on the driver’s side. (Bottom right-hand side when looking at front of vehicle windshield) Decals will be available during registration at the SCSN Event Trailer SCSN SERIES DECALS: SCSN Decals must be placed on both left & right sides of race car on the 1/4 Window, 1/4 Panel or Side of Rear Wing in a highly visible location SCSN TITLE SPONSOR DECAL: "Comp Cams" Decal must be placed on the upper windshield in the center REGISTRATION: All Super Index racers must register at the SCSN Event Trailer before taking your car to tech.... TOW VEHICLES: Super Index allows tow vehicles in the staging lanes. You can tow your vehicle back to the pits at the conclusion of your run after exiting the racing surface. WINNERS CIRCLE PICTURE & CONTINGENCY VERIFICATION: Super Index Winner & Runner-up must return to the SCSN Winners Circle Area for Official Photographs and Contingency Verification. Failing to do so, will result in loss of all contingency monies earned. There are no exceptions!!! CONTINGENCY PROGRAM & CONTINGENCY DECALS: All contingency decals may appear anywhere on the vehicle in a clear and organized fashion. Contingency decals may not be overlapped or modified. Most decals are available at the SCSN Event Trailer, but in the event the SCSN does not have the decals in stock, it is the racer's responsibility to obtain the proper decals to be eligible for the Contingency payout. Once Your Vehicle Passes Tech Inspection, There Are No Refunds!!! PAYOUTS: $1,500 / To Win $500 / Runner-up $200 / Semi's $100 / Quarters Class Entry Fee: $75 (Plus $80 Weekend Track Tech Card) All drivers and vehicles must meet current NHRA and track requirements. 2018 CHAMPION NICK KENDRICK


Heather Roth: Event Coordinator


Call/Text 1-702-701-6464

Mel Roth: President


Call/Text 1-661-917-3078